Hey! Thanks for considering being a guest on my podcast. This page contains all the information you may want to know before jumping on as a guest. If you have any further questions, feel free to hit me up!

– Phoenix xoxo

Let’s Build a Cult! is a comedy show that explores a simple premise: if you were suddenly elected the leader of a small cult, what would you do? 

It’s a comedic way of exploring the ideas around how a society should be run, what makes an ideal community, and what makes a good leader.

The show is a mix between an interview, a role-playing game, and a thought experiment. I’ll guide you through the entire process with questions and prompts.


There are 3 Stages: 

1. Preparation. First we will vet your leadership credentials.

2. Build: this is where we will build the cult, sort out the logistics and the basic needs of your cult, and establish your guiding principles and laws.

3. Test: Lastly we’ll test your leadership skills with some hypothetical scenarios.
At the end of the podcast, I will assess your cult and give you a cult rating based on whether or not I would want to join.


The show is also a Youtube show, so it’s going to be filmed, and clipped up for socials.

I’ll walk you through the podcast as we’re recording, but here are some things to think about:
– What’s the cultiest thing you’ve been a part of?

– What would you name your cult?

– Would your cult be themed around an idea, activity, etc.?

– Where would you house your cult? (eg: in a commune, or would you set up a church, etc.)

– What would you out-law? Or what would be legal?

– What core beliefs would you base your cult around or want your followers to have?

– How would you recruit more members?

I’d like to keep the average episode length around 60 minutes, which means recording time can be anything from 45-60 minutes, but I’ll happily do a shorter ep if that’s all that you’re good for. Whatever suits.

I record at the Zero Digital Sports office which is located at 41 Cubitt ST, Cremorne VIC.

It’s about a 5-minute walk from Richmond Station OR you can park directly outside (just let me know ahead of time).

Prefer to film on weeknights, or weekends can also be arranged. 

Whatever you like, as long as it’s not green. The show is filmed in front of a green-screen, so if you wear a green t-shirt, your torso will become transparent and that will be really annoying to edit.